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It uses an integrated system for lift and thrust, with just one engine and fan providing both, making for intuitive driving and a compact, maneuverable craft. Hovercraft aren't magic, and failure to respect the sea can land you in trouble, whatever you're driving. Being small capacity, and low revving, noise levels are very controlled, and being of low sound frequency, does not carry far. Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation *Prices are pre-tax. Drive sensibly, with due respect to other water users and public, follow our code of practice, understand what you can and can’t do, where you can and can’t operate your hovercraft - and you should be safe in the knowledge you are breaking no laws. Skirt wear is something that first-time owners are often concerned about but in actual fact, is simply not an issue. The passage of this information to a third party by any individual or company which subsequently leads to sales does not make the person or company that passes on this information an agent of Griffon Hoverwork Limited and no fee or commission will be paid to such person or company unless Griffon Hoverwork Limited has reached a prior written agreement to do so. The Marlin is fully ‘marine-ready’ with stainless steel and alloy used throughout, marine-spec wiring and padded upholstery. Think of the skirt like the tyres on a car. In fair conditions, two-up, a Marlin cruises at around 40km/h (25mph) with great fuel efficiency and can lift around 200kgs (450lbs) on water. The ‘standard’ by which all small personal hovercraft are measured, it has been developed with a racing pedigree, having won back-to-back championships in the HCGB’s Coastal Racing Championship. Easy to operate and maintain, our commercial hovercraft are built to the standards of the MCA Hovercraft Code of Practice. The simplicity of driving is one of the reasons that it’s the hovercraft of choice for virtually every UK hovercraft driving events businesses. In poor conditions, as stated above – 35km/h (20mph) might be realistic, but this can only ever be a broad guideline. Fly over LAND or WATER, MUD, ICE OR SNOW on a cushion of It’s powered by a Vanguard 4-Stroke twin cylinder air cooled engine. Included within the price, the craft can comprise two colours from our selection of standard colours. However, the same craft, fighting it’s way home two-up through choppy seas and a nasty headwind may well struggle to do 20mph. The Marlin is powered by a ‘Big Block’ Vanguard 4 Stroke engine. British Hovercraft Company Coastal Pro II. © 2019 The British Hovercraft Company. We have only been on 1 water cruise with it the rest of the time we have used it to give rides on land.There are a couple of superficial scratches and signs 9255120 |. If you don’t have relevant safety equipment, consider adding in an optional but recommended 'Coastal Kit' which includes everything you need to use the Snapper in an 'uncontrolled' environment - estuaries, rivers etc. 2.14.4 The British Hovercraft Company Product and Services 2.14.5 The British Hovercraft Company Military Hovercraft Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin … Offer prices start from as little as £7500 +VAT British Hovercraft Company 3,199 views. It can access areas which no other vehicle can reach over land or water, or the mud-flats found between tides. The Marlin is built in-house from a reinforced GRP (Fibreglass) hull. A Marlin will manage around 57km/h (35mph) on smooth water with a competent driver at the controls, into a gentle headwind. Its great performance, low noise level and reliability is a product of these superb little motors. It’s aimed at first time owners, being easy and intuitive to drive but fast enough to provide big thrills and bigger grins! It means components have an easy life, which aids reliability and longevity. Marlin II FreestyleThe World's best-selling recreational hovercraft! Before using your craft in a maritime environment, you should equip yourself adequately with all necessary equipment, clothing and safety gear, register it and carefully check the weather and tidal charts before setting out. When the days events are concluded, the shiny GRP hull cleans up back to a perfect finish with no effort at all! The GRP is backed up with Kevlar and core materials where necessary and is perfect for hovercraft manufacture. Spares Kit (5 litres oil & filter, steering & throttle cable, blades, belt, 15 skirt segments, skirt clips and ties, ‘P’ clips). As Marlin II above, with the following changes, additions & upgrades. Dry Weight - Approx 220kgsPayload - Approx 200kgs/2-3 persons.Seating - Padded seating for driver and passenger.Steering - Handlebars with throttle controlSize - (LxWxH) - 3.2m x 1.9m x 1.4mEngine - 35bhp state-of-the-art Briggs and Stratton air-cooled, V-Twin Vanguard, 4-Stroke with electric startMax. Ready to fly, the Marlin weighs approximately 210-235kgs (460-520lbs) depending on specification so it’s easy to load and unload from the trailer on your own. 8:03. Any impacts or accidents which damage the hull can be repaired – usually invisibly - and to a standard as good as new. It flies 30cms above any sealed surface - for instance, mudflats, grass, ice, tarmac and water of any depth. A basic Marlin two-seat hovercraft at a bargain price! The British Hovercraft Company (BHC) Marlin Beast hovercraft demo day at Goodwood Aerodrome and Race Circuit. Ideal for driving events businesses, explorers, cruisers and thrill seekers. Originally founded as Flying Fish, the British Hovercraft … The operation at any time of the year; The movement over any relatively flat surface (obstacle height up to 0.4 m) The most environmentally friendly amphibia - does not violate the vegetation cover, does not harm small animals and fish. For sure, no cases have been found which disputed the existence of a public right of navigation on tidal waters. The World's largest manufacturer of Recreational, Search & Rescue, Commercial & Utility Hovercraft. British manufacturer Saunders-Roe, whom Cockerell had worked with in order to develop viable hovercraft, soon developed several commercially-viable vehicles, such as the SR.N4, a large cross-Channel ferry capable of seating up to 418 passengers along with 60 cars, and the SR.N6, the first commercially-active hovercraft, capable of seating a maximum of 58 passengers. Hull construction -Glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) with Kevlar & aluminium protection. May 22, 2012 in News. With our production doubling in the next month we need room for our new moulds! The company sold this part of the business off 10 years ago to concentrate all our efforts into manufacture. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, British inventor Sir Christopher Cockerell had, in cooperation with British aerospace manufacturer Saunders-Roe, developed a pioneering new form of transportation, embodied in the form of the experimental SR.N1 vehicle, which became widely known as the hovercraft. Suffice to say, the Marlin is fast enough to be enormous fun! Once described as the love-child of a Jet-ski and a 4x4, the Marlin is equally at home on rivers, lakes or around the coast. As far as use in the marine environment is concerned, in the UK at least, there is no legal requirement for a license or qualifications to drive either a boat or hovercraft. Full Skirt set for Hovertechnics Hoverstar and Hoverjet. The World's largest manufacturer of Recreational, Search & Rescue, Commercial & Utility Hovercraft. All Showroom hovercraft sales are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Rare chance to own a pre owned Flying Fish Marlin II! We employ 18 people at our UK factory and export approximately 150 craft per year through our agents and distributors all … The recreational and light hovercraft industry is a small, but growing sector and The British Hovercraft Company is proud to be leading the development and manufacture of these incredible machines. Hovertravel is a ferry company operating from Southsea, Portsmouth to Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK.It is the only passenger hovercraft company currently operating in Britain since Hoverspeed stopped using its craft in favour of catamarans and ceasing all ferry operations in 2005.. Hovertravel is now the world's oldest hovercraft operator, and this service is believed to be unique in western Europe. With over 1500 hovercraft sold in the last 20 years, BHC hovercraft are highly regarded as the ‘industry standard’ for their build quality, performance and ease of use. The retail price for this model of hovercraft is £12,000 +VAT. The Marlin II is available in a limited range of colours and options, a ‘no frills’ version of this fantastic hovercraft. Advantages of Christy Hovercraft. Comes with a cover, spares package full training, maintenance instruction and warranty.” THE BRITISH HOVERCRAFT COMPANY"MARLIN III"£7000.00 Inc VAT (Price edited as higher spec trailer now included) BHC have been at the forefront of small hovercraft design for many years. speed - Up to 56km/h (35mph), depending on surface/wind/loadCruising speed - 45km/h, depending on surface/wind/loadSkirt - Neoprene coated nylon in 76 replaceable segmentsFan - 6 PAG Blades : 920mm duct with straighteners & upstream guarding.Battery & Charging - Sealed-for-life 12v, 150W charging circuit (max. Previous Post Very rare - Used Marlin II Hovercraft - £7000.00 Blog. !!!! The quietest production 3-4 person hovercraft in Europe! In the UK, we have a Public Right of Navigation (PRN) using a vessel in tidal water. The retail price for this model of hovercraft is £12,000 +VAT Offer prices start from as little as £7500 +VAT See More The British Hovercraft Company Yesterday at 12:32 AM Take a look at the diagram below, which attempts to show the relationship between weight/surface and wind. Full skirt set for Hoverstream, British Hovercraft Company, and Flying Fish hovercraft. GRP Hull, reinforced with core materials & Kevlar, All round white light, plus navigation lights. Also available is a 2 craft trailer for sale either with the hovercraft or on its own. © 2019 The British Hovercraft Company. Neoteric warranty applies to new craft. Developed for use in the harshest environments, the Coastal Pro and XL Coastal Pro have proved their worth from the heat of Kuwaiti oil fields to Finland’s harshest winter. New skirt segments are inexpensive and can even be repaired if preferred. Multifunctional R/C Radio Control Land Water Hovercraft Boat with Double Motor This air-cooled 1000cc motor is air-cooled, so it’s very light and simple, It generates 35bhp at just 3800rpm, or 37bhp in the ‘Beast’ model, plenty for this two seat craft, and being a commercial-specification industrial engine, it achieves amazing reliability and a very frugal fuel consumption. Excellent fun for adults & kids! Full Skirt set for SCAT Hovercraft with anti-plow fingers (12' SCAT) Our Price: $499.00. Discount available for multiple purchases, up to a massive 37.5%. LED ‘cyclops’ headlight, navigation lights with all-round-white, etched acrylic dashboard with switching, speedometer. DUE TO HACKERS SPAMMERS AND TIME WASTERS WE STILL HAVE OUR MARLIN SO GRAB A DEAL Selling our Marlin III 50hp cruising craft . The latest going-ons from the world of hovercraft. Davit (lifting) points and/or extra tie down points. /hour meter, 12v charger port, non-slip rubber flooring, ‘aero rudders,’ upgraded upholstery, graphics set. New reduced price! It comes with full workshop manual, and parts, servicing and expertise are available from any Briggs & Stratton dealer, of which there are hundreds around the world. Best hovercraft - at reasonable prices. Overload Capacity - Approx 880lbs/400kgs Length - 13'8"/4.3m Width - 7'0"/2.10m Height 5'6"/1.7m Weight - Approx 815lbs/370kgs The Marlin is built to the standards of the 2016 Maritime & Coastguard Agency ‘Hovercraft Code of Practice’ and is fully marine ready, built to operate in a salt-water environment. One other advantage that we hope you’ll never need to benefit from, is that GRP is very mendable. Coastal-Pro. These included the SR.N4, a large cross-Channel ferry Below is a full breakdown of everything you might need to know about the Marlin. In 2015, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency published the Hovercraft Code of Practice (HCoP) which sets out standards for the commercial operation of hovercraft in UK Waters. Commercial & Utility Hovercraft. 30cms (12ins) in the air on its ‘finger’ or segmented skirt, the Marlin flies with great ease. Choose from Red, Orange, Yellow (2 options,) Green, Blue (various,) Black, White. Dry Weight – Approx 230kgsPayload - Approx 200kgs or 2/3 persons on additional ‘T’ seating.Engine - Upgraded, 37BHP Hi-Torque 'Savage' engine – with Hour meter and rev counterStandard Fittings -LED ‘cyclops’ headlight, navigation lights with all-round-white, etched acrylic dashboard with switching, speedometer, tacho/hour meter, 12v charger port, non-slip rubber flooring, ‘aero rudders,’ upgraded upholstery, graphics set.Colour Choice - Extensive range, two-tone available.Options - GPS Plotter, metallic paint/vinyl wrap, chrome kit. Sea conditions are also difficult to recommend as again, load and wind have an equal effect but driver skill also has a major effect on how well the craft will cope with rough water. Our Trade-In Showroom offers recreational, commercial and rescue hovercraft for sale that have been used in our business for demonstrations or promotions, or have been traded in by customers toward the purchase of a new hovercraft. These prices come into effect on September 1st 2016 and until then our current pricing applies. Smaller Whippersnapper model also available. In fact, the Marlin is the only contemporary small hovercraft to have made multiple two-way crossings of the English Channel. Our Price: $646.00. From our smallest hovercraft, the Snapper, the recreational Marlin or the highly capable Coastal-Pro, there’s a BHC hovercraft to provide fun and thrills that will keep you hooked for many years! The joy it provides extends to a hassle-free ownership experience. It's an upgraded full-spec Marlin II. An excellent fun day flying all over place with the fantastic staff at Goodwood. Marlin ‘Beast’ upgraded sports cruiser model also available. Have fun and make a good living from the most exciting toy you can have in your possession! Alternatively craft can be Vinyl wrapped into brand colours/camouflage etc. There are two models available and whichever model you choose, it offers very easy access to hovercraft ownership. British manufacturer Saunders-Roe proceeded with work on various hovercraft designs, successfully developing multiple commercially viable vehicles. Being individual segments means the skirt works more effectively and can seal more fully on the land or water which gives the best possible lift and effortless performance. For instance, I once managed around 100km/h (60mph) in a Marlin II, driving on a frozen French lake (whilst dressed up as Santa Claus…it was a strange day!) We'll teach you how to drive your new craft as part of the 'handover' when you come to collect it, or your local dealer will, but if you have no maritime experience, we recommend gaining some basic boating qualifications from the RYA, Powerboat II for instance. Chosen by Jeremy Clarkson to open his ‘Live’ shows, the striking look of The Beast draws interest and excitement wherever it goes. The World’s best recreational 2-3 person hovercraft. Developed for use in the harshest environments, the Coastal Pro and XL Coastal Pro have proved their worth from the heat of Kuwaiti oil fields to Finland’s harshest winter. We advise joining the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB) and - initially at least - using your craft with others at organised events. 33:02. Primary 'hull' colour (hull & engine cover) and secondary 'trim' colour (duct cover, screen.) Recreational use only. Inside the hull, the closed-cell buoyancy foam further backs up the integrity of the structure and provides flotation enough to maintain the craft and passengers even were the craft fully swamped. The ‘Go-Kart’ 1 person Hovercraft. Simply, the highest-spec, most exciting and desirable personal hovercraft on the market today! The choice of commercial operators and some first-time owners, it’s built to our usual high-standard and marine-ready. Using your hovercraft, on private land, is entirely a matter for yourself and there’s no need to meet any restrictions on marine use. Coastal Kit (2x Buoyancy Aids, Flare kit, VHF, Fire Extinguisher). How you drive it and the surface you use it on will effect how long it lasts. Given the unique characteristics of hovercraft, there’s very rarely a straight to a straight question. Twin engine commercial, search & rescue and utility hovercraft which is also an excellent recreational choice. which is something I have no desire to repeat! ⭐ Hovercraft Activity Business Package available now from BHC! Just as speed varies in such conditions, so of course does fuel economy – another hugely variable average! In 1997, we also discovered a passion for racing these awesome machines, and it’s impossible to exaggerate how much it has taught us – both from our own successes and failures and the help, input and advice from the super-talented enthusiasts and designers who compete in the sport. A basic Marlin two-seat hovercraft at a bargain price! Used by most driving events/activity businesses. The figures given are very modest and we have exceeded all of them in testing. So, if you’re considering a Snapper or Marlin purchase, grab the opportunity and get your order in before prices increase in two weeks time. Ideal first hovercraft. Simple to drive with just a few minutes training, the Marlin is fast and almost unbelievably good fun! This modest claim of is because this is the hovercraft’s ability to get back ‘onto the plane’ should you stop on the water. The craft’s design is all about efficiency – low power but light weight means fuel economy, easy performance and low noise. With over 30 years experience and well over 1000 hovercraft sold Worldwide you can be sure of quality British built hovercraft excellence. Hovercraft Activity Business Package (PDF). But the basis in law of our answer ‘anywhere you can use a boat’ can be simply broken down into a couple of points: The PRN in tidal waters an uncontested right. british hovercraft company ltd The British Hovercraft Company Ltd (BHC) is Europe’s largest manufacturer of recreational, commercial, rescue and utility hovercraft. The entire hovercraft is built-in house at our factory in Kent, it’s fibreglass hull hand-laid by skilled fabricators. The choice of commercial operators and some first-time owners, it’s built to our usual high-standard and marine-ready. Easy to operate and maintain, our commercial hovercraft are built to the standards of the MCA Hovercraft Code of Practice. However, in poor conditions, give me a RIB or SIB anytime! On land, or when not needing to stop on the water, this limit can easily be exceeded. All metals are alloy or stainless steel to resist the harsh salt-water environment – and the wiring & seating fabrics likewise ready for the marine environment. That shiny surface not only looks great, but also means that after a day enjoying a muddy foreshore, a filthy dirty craft can be brought back to pristine finish simply using a pressure washer and truck-wash – easy! (we recommend white hull for hot climates.). Optional colours include metallic/fluorescent and metalflake colours. The British Hovercraft Company Ltd is the World's largest manufacturer of Recreational, Search & Rescue, Commercial & Utility 1-4 person hovercraft. It was the x demo craft from (Flying Fish)British Hovercraft Company bought approx 3 years ago . revs - Static 3600-3800rpm.Flotation - Floats and starts on water, positively buoyant.Noise - 78dbA (25m) at cruising speed, 81dbA Maximum.Fuel / Capacity - 22 litres, unleaded pump fuel.Range - Up to 160kms Max, depending on conditions/speed.Max. This must go! Servicing is simple enough for any competent mechanic to undertake, and we have several video guides for the more tricky jobs. Hovercraft Christy 6143 / Christy 6183 Best of the Best (Long Version) - Duration: 33:02. Very few of our owners have any issues using their hovercraft in a marine environment. The Vanguard really is the perfect match for the Marlin! Hovercraft Cover, protection when stored. Christy Hovercraft 45,837 views. Registered in England, No. We live and breathe hovercraft! Available in a wide range of colours, as standard, it includes many extras and upgrades including a redesigned ‘cyclops’ LED headlight and marine navigation lights, ‘T’ seating for up to three people, acrylic dash with instrument set, ‘aero-rudders’ and an upgraded high torque ‘Savage’ engine. As a rule, we say that small hovercraft are pretty much as capable as a hard boat of the same size. Frozen lakes and rivers can be crossed in safety – hovercraft will work on any ‘sealed’ surface so there’s a playground near you! However, like any other boat, it's crucial you prepare properly for its use. The colour is impregnated to a shiny, high-gloss gel-coat, not simply sprayed on. The Vanguard V-Twin engine is a quiet and economical, electric start engine - it gives fantastic performance with outstanding reliability. It’s the same with any small vessel – but the variation in hovercraft performance is more pronounced than a conventional boat and very effected by wind, sea conditions and load. Our Price: $6.99. Hovercraft and your Public Right of Navigation. Alternatively, the craft can be in just one colour. Hovercraft Activity Business Package (PDF), Marlin 'Beast' This is the sports cruiser model. 9255120 |. Maximum Speed - Approx 35mph/56km/h Cruising Speed - Approx 25mph/40km/h Range/Endurance - Approx 3 hours - 80miles/128kms Payload - Up to 770lbs/350kgs Passengers - No more than 4, subject to weight limitation. We're continually posting videos on topics like: “Hovercraft are THE most fun you can have with an engine!”. But it’s much more than that – the Snapper is fully marine ready, with stainless steel fittings, marine grade wiring and enough flotation built in that it will float even if completely swamped. An upgraded Coastal Pro, specifically designed for commercial & rescue use. Our Price: $549.00. Registered in England, No. Now – we’re not lawyers, let’s be clear about that. This network and availability is extremely important for owners in remote or overseas locations. For more information on our hovercraft range please contact us, +44 (0)1304 619820 See More The British Hovercraft Company The chances are that you'll do whole days cruising without ever having to change a single segment. Launch at high or low tide, cruise over sandbanks and water - there’s no beach out of reach! The Marlin skirt comprises 56 individual segments (68 in the Beast) which has enormous advantages over a ‘bag/loop’ design used on large hovercraft. )Standard fittings - Passenger grab handles, towing eye, mooring cleats, yellow beacon, drain plugs, electric bilge pump in plenum chamber, hour meter.Materials - Marine wiring and upholstery, Stainless/Alloy throughout.Colour Choice - Any RAL standard colour. Any damage or excessive wear is localised, and quickly and easily repaired – it takes just a couple of minutes to change a segment. The Marlin drinks around one-and-a-half gallons (7 litres) of unleaded fuel each hour, so operating are very low. Hovering approx. Sale Price: $519.00. We live and breathe hovercraft! Prefer to try before you buy? Hovercraft are vessels, just like boats (Jetski’s aren’t – legally speaking). “A British Hovercraft Company Marlin III with custom galvanized tilting trailer. As Marlin II Beast above, with the following changes, additions & upgrades. Join us on a unique trip around the Kent Coast! This efficiency means that just the skirt ‘tips’ are touching the ground and as a result of this almost frictionless seal, performance is improved and wear reduced. With close on 1000 Marlin hovercraft sold in the last 15 years, in its various guises, the Marlin has become the industry standard for recreational hovercraft. The Marlin II is available in a limited range of colours and options, a ‘no frills’ version of this fantastic hovercraft. Prepared for saltwater operations with floatation foam, marine spec wiring, stainless steel fittings, bilge pump & beacon. As a guideline, we usually find that most recreational customers using their hovercraft on a mix of land, sand, mud and water will get around two years wear from a skirt, and will use a dozen or so spares during that time. Even perfectly reasonable questions such as ‘How fast does it go?’ or ‘How much will it carry?’ can be challenging to answer. Christy Hovercraft.

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